Photo by Pat Hull Vedomske

Photo by Pat Hull Vedomske

Robert Chorush,

Born December 30, 1946, New York City   Died January 2, 2011, Evergreen Hospice, Kirkland, WA, age 64.

In 2010, after 5 years of living and writing in rural Virginia, Bob returned to Washington State.  At 63, diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, he wanted access to medical marijuana and Washington State Death with Dignity.  He accomplished both and two years after his death, is still sadly missed by his many friends, including his loving partner Pat Hull Vedomske of Portsmouth, VA.

It would take a book to describe Bob’s life and accomplishments.  A gentle man of unwavering principles, a brilliantly funny, fearless, complex, self-described ‘terminally shy’ man, wordsmith, raconteur, wit, prankster who came of age in the archetypal post-war suburb of Levittown, NY, son of a kosher butcher who had advised him “As you go through life, listen to what everyone tells you and do as you think best”.  Bob became a vegetarian at age 14 and a vegan by age 30.  He received a BA, Hofstra University, 1966.

A restless man, Bob lived in New York, Los Angeles, California,  Bella Coola, British Columbia,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, Washington, Skykomish, Washington and Wakefield, Virginia. He traveled all over the world.  In the pre-computer era, nothing was more fun than receiving a postcard from Bob or one of  his ‘Daily Bob‘ newsletters (future blog post) from Alaska or Sri Lanka or Nepal or Greece until he ran out of Letraset ‘B’s and they became the ‘Daily Bog‘ and eventually the ‘Dali Dog‘.

An inventive man, always moving on to accomplish something new;   a professional photographer, journalist, editor, poet, humorist,  fireman, car mechanic, bus driver, radio comedy writer-actor, small business owner, youth tour guide, globe trekker, political candidate, animal rights activist & prankster, author and horticultural specialist.  He was a persistent provocateur, a ‘merry prankster’ who conjured and produced ingenious acts of insubordination.  He was responsible for uncountable amounts of print and electronic media news coverage and had a genius for creating publicity.

Achievements, accomplishments and notoriety include authoring the last interview with Jim Morrison, LA Free Press, 1971, producing ‘Fromage of Cheese’, a Firesign Theater-inspired Vancouver radio comedy program, and running for Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner on a platform of shutting down the Vancouver Aquarium.  He was arrested for dumping five tons of manure in front of San Diego Zoo while dressed as an elephant to protest an elephant exhibit in 2003. He created the ‘Field of Dreams’ Hunting Club complete with a Trojan Duck row boat to protest duck hunting, founded ‘Give Geese a Chance’ to protest the Canada geese round-up and gassing by the Seattle Parks Department and in 1999, Bob and his friend Ben White, masterminded the much publicized Seattle WTO Sea Turtle protests.  One of the turtle costumes is part of a permanent collection at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle.

He was always a writer, publishing newspaper and magazine articles, poems, novellas and at his death, author of an unpublished book recounting his sometimes hilarious adventures in animal rights activism.

His greatest devotion was for Py, an exuberant mischievous rescued mutt with whom he spent the last 14 years of his life.  Py was a one-person dog and died 3 months after Bob’s death.



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